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AutoOne Service is your number one resource for transmission repair. At our auto repair shop in Toronto and Halifax, our team of experts offer transmission diagnosis, transmission repair, and other transmission services to all types of vehicles.

Your transmission is a sophisticated piece of machinery.  It – and all its associated parts – needs to be expertly serviced. From fluid flush to auto electronic diagnostics, we service automatic and standard transmissions, differentials, and clutches at our transmissions garage.

Whether you have a 2-speed automatic from a 1960 Corvette or an 8-speed on your new Range Rover, let AutoOne Service look after your transmission needs. Come to our transmission shop in Toronto or our transmission shop in Halifax for outstanding service.

Dealership-Quality Transmission Repair Services in Toronto & Halifax

You don’t have to break the bank for transmission repair services. Over the years, our transmission shop in Toronto and our transmission shop in Halifax have developed a reputation for offering dealership-quality transmission services without the luxury prices.

We have the best transmission mechanics who leverage the latest diagnostic and transmission repair tools to get the job done. We believe that your transmission repair cost should be fair.

Our Transmission Services

Car owners looking for transmission shops in Toronto or transmission shops in Halifax often visit AutoOne Service because of our reputation for excellence. Our experienced technicians start with a comprehensive high-tech inspection of your transmission using our diagnostic tools, and we offer a transmission fluid check and road test to diagnose the issue accurately.

Most vehicles simply require adjustments or transmission maintenance. If your car needs transmission maintenance, rest assured that when you work with us, your transmission repair cost will be fair.

At AutoOne Service, we are proud to be your one-stop shop for all your transmission needs. Bring your vehicle to our transmission garage with confidence and benefit from our wide range of transmission services.

Transmission Service

Every component of your vehicle requires periodic service, including your transmission. At our transmission garage, we can change your transmission fluid, inspect your sump pump, replace your filter, and service your pan. We service both manual and automatic transmissions.

Transmission Replacement

If your transmission is beyond repair, then come to one of our transmission shops for expert replacement. Signs of transmission breakdown include refusal to switch gears, slipping gears, grinding, a dragging clutch, leaking fluid, a burning smell, and the “service engine soon” light.

Driveline Repair & Maintenance

Your vehicle’s driveline system passes power from the engine and transmissions to the wheels. Our mechanics will complete a thorough inspection of your driveline, replace old fluid, and replace it with the best driveline fluid for your vehicle. We also specialize in driveline repair services.

Axle Repair & Replacement

Your car’s axles connect and provide power to your wheels. These essential vehicle components require regular maintenance. If you notice your car is shaking or shuddering on the road, you may need axle repair and replacement services from a top transmission garage.

Clutch Repair & Replacement

Every clutch has a lifespan. We can repair clutches in new cars and older ones too, of different makes and models. Don’t trust just any transmission garage if your clutch needs replacement. An expert mechanic like the ones at our transmission shops can complete the complex task.

Transmission Fluid Service

Transmission fluid is essential to the health of the transmission. Whether your transmission fluid is leaking or is old and dirty, our transmission fluid service shop can diagnose and remediate the problem.

Flywheel Repair & Replacement

When we are replacing or repairing your clutch, we’ll look at the flywheel too. If there are signs of damage, such as cracks or grooves, we can provide flywheel repair or replacement services.

Driveshaft & U-Joint Repair

Noises, vibrations, leaks, and problems with handling could be a due to a faulty driveshaft or U-joint. While these symptoms can seem alarming, our transmission repair shops will have you driving safely back on the road soon with our driveshaft and U-joint repair services.

Transmission Flush

Transmission fluid flushes help your transmission stay in good working condition. Manual vehicles usually require transmission fluid changes faster than automatics. We manage both. So, come to AutoOne for the fairest transmission fluid change cost Toronto has to offer, considering the excellent service.

Differential Diagnosis

Your car’s differential is a set of gears that lets your drive wheels rotate at varying speeds. It’s particularly useful when your car is turning. When you have difficulty steering, notice unexplained wear on your tires, or hear grinding sounds, you may need our differential diagnosis services for further analysis.

Differential Rebuild & Service

Most cars don’t require a differential rebuild. However, if you’ve been neglecting your car maintenance or have been in an accident, you may need our differential rebuild service to get your differential in working order.

Frequently Asked Questions About Transmission Services

What is a transmission

Modern vehicles have many complex parts and machines that must work together to run well. The transmission is one of the car’s most essential components. It’s a system of gears that helps drivers control the amount of power that goes to the wheels without making the engine run faster or slower.

What is a dual-clutch transmission

Picking between a manual and automatic transmission can be challenging for some modern drivers. While automatic transmission offers more convenience to the daily driver, especially in a teeming city, a manual transmission can be more enjoyable to drive and are usually more fuel-efficient.

A dual-clutch transmission, also called the semi-automatic transmission, offers drivers the best of both technologies. It uses two clutches and lacks a clutch pedal. One clutch manages odd-numbered gears while the other manages even-numbered gears. Gears change without hurting the power flow from the engine to the transmission due to this arrangement, increasing fuel efficiency.

What is an automatic transmission

Unlike a manual transmission vehicle, an automatic transmission car changes gear automatically. Drivers don’t need to direct such vehicles to change gears, aside from Park, Drive, Neutral, and Reverse.

Most vehicles in Canada and the United States feature automatic transmission, while manual transmission cars are still popular in Europe. Good transmission shops like AutoOne can manage automatic and manual transmission vehicles.

What are transmission services

Transmission services such as repair and maintenance enhance the longevity of your car’s transmission system.

When you bring your car to a transmission shop for transmission services, a technician will start by cleaning the transmission and removing old transmission fluid. They will then replace it with a new transmission fluid. You’ll notice your gears shifting more readily after your factory-recommended transmission service.

Your car usually needs transmission service every two years but the interval will depend on the driving conditions and mileage.

How does an automatic transmission work

Automatic transmission vehicles work a little differently than cars with manual transmission. There is no clutch pedal. You simply shift the transmission to “drive” to activate the driving system. When you press the accelerator, the engine’s crankshaft rotates, applying pressure to the torque converter, ultimately pushing the car forward. The transmission’s hydraulics and electronics automatically detect the car’s speed to adjust the gears as needed.

What transmission is in my car

“Is my transmission automatic or manual?” is a question commonly asked by drivers unfamiliar with cars. One of the easiest ways to answer this query is to look at the pedals on the driver’s side.

An automatic vehicle will feature an accelerator and a brake pedal, while a manual car will have a clutch, accelerator, and brake. Alternatively, check the vehicle’s manual for more information.

What does a transmission do

Just like a speed bike, a vehicle also has gears. The gears manage the amount of power transferring from the engine to the wheels. The lower gears have the most pulling power but the lowest maximum speed and vice versa. Your car starts from a low gear because it needs pulling power to move from a stationary position. As it moves, it needs less pulling power and more speed.

A car’s transmission is the gearbox that allows the driver to utilize different gears. Without a transmission, a car would move only in one gear.

What does transmission fluid do

Both automatic and manual transmission vehicles need transmission fluid. The transmission fluid lubricates and cools the parts inside a manual gearbox to prevent them from grinding out or overheating. Transmission fluid serves the same functions in an automatic gearbox but also creates hydraulic pressure to help the components function.

Transmission fluid loses its quality with age and use. Vehicle owners must take their cars to a transmission shop for regular transmission fluid maintenance.

When may I need transmission services

Check your car’s manual to see how often you need transmission services. Typically, you should service your transmission every two years though this depends on how often you drive and the driving conditions.

You should also bring your car into a transmission shop if you have trouble changing gears, notice leaking fluid, smell something burning, or see the “check engine” light on your car’s dashboard.

How long does a transmission last?

A transmission should last nearly 500,000 kilometres. For the average Canadian driving 25,000 kilometres a year, that’s around 20 years. But the life expectancy of your car’s transmission can be lower if you drive more frequently, usually drive in extreme weather conditions, or ignore your recommended maintenance intervals. Please schedule an appointment with AutoOne and visit one of our transmission shops for transmission services.

How often should transmission fluid be checked?

Just a few years ago, vehicle owners could check their transmission fluid quality and levels by using the transmission fluid dipstick. However, many modern vehicles don’t have this facility. You can ask your mechanic to check the transmission fluid when you bring it in for transmission service or an oil change. Please also watch out for the “check engine” light on your dashboard.

How often to change transmission fluid

How often you should change your transmission fluid depends on the make and model of your vehicle, driving habits, and driving conditions. It’s best to check your owner’s manual for more accurate information.

The average vehicle requires a transmission fluid change every 50,000 to 100,000 kilometres. A technician at a transmission shop can check the health of your transmission fluid.

How much is a transmission fluid change?

The cost of a transmission fluid change depends on the transmission shop and your vehicle. For the most accurate answer, please call our transmission shop in Toronto or our transmission shop in Halifax. You can find the numbers on our website. You can also call us to schedule an appointment.

What colour is transmission fluid

New transmission fluid is usually red and sometimes transparent red. With time it gets darker and less transparent. Light brown semi-transparent transmission fluid is still suitable. But dark brown, black, or opaque fluid is too old and must be replaced at a transmission shop. Neglecting transmission fluid maintenance may leave you with a hefty transmission repair cost in Canada.