Auto Maintenance Services in Toronto & Halifax

Professional Vehicle Maintenance

AutoOne Service is proud to be a leading auto shop in Toronto and Halifax , with over a decade of experience in the field. Our mechanics carry the tools and the know-how to both prevent and solve your auto problems, starting with auto maintenance.

Regular auto maintenance optimizes your vehicle’s safety, ride quality, and longevity. You can easily follow your factory designated vehicle maintenance program at AutoOne. Our vehicle maintenance service team will change your car’s oil and filter when required and perform computer diagnostics to check for any other potential issues that may require upkeep.

Our auto maintenance services professionals can look after everything from the basics like windshield wiper replacements or fluid services, all the way to brakes, suspension, and steering issues, depending on your car’s immediate needs or car maintenance schedule.

Few things worry a driver like a dashboard warning light – especially the check engine light – but our experienced mechanics can repair those effortlessly too. Keep your vehicle maintained with our professional and affordable vehicle maintenance services.

Dealership-Quality Car Maintenance Services in Toronto & Halifax

The cost of scheduled vehicle maintenance shouldn’t have to feel like a roadblock. At AutoOne Service, we perform dealership-quality auto maintenance services without the dealership prices. Whether you want to follow a car maintenance schedule in Toronto or Halifax, our team of qualified maintenance professionals is happy to help at our service stations.

Our mechanics carry a unique understanding of your city’s road conditions and climate. We will maintain and fine tune your ride accordingly. Whether your car is domestic or foreign, manual transmission, automatic, or a hybrid, you can trust our auto maintenance services to match your dealership’s quality at more competitive prices.

Our Auto Maintenance Services

Our team can handle maintenance concerns like factory scheduled maintenance, oil changes, filter replacements, vehicle inspections, tune-ups, brake upkeep, wheel alignment, and much more. We offer car maintenance services for all types of vehicles, from regular to luxury, for sedans, crossovers, and SUVs.

We carry cutting-edge diagnostic tools to help isolate and repair all types of issues, delivering unmatchable auto care. Rest assured, when you come to AutoOne Service for our auto maintenance services, your vehicle will be inspected, tested, and maintained thoroughly so that you and your passengers are safe and sound.

Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Every vehicle has a factory designed maintenance schedule by time or mileage. Following this schedule is critical because it can impact your car’s safety, quality, and longevity.

Additionally, your warranty may be voided if you don’t meet your car maintenance schedule. Not only do we perform factory scheduled maintenance, but we provide the necessary paperwork to satisfy your warranty.

50/100/150/200 Kilometre Services

At certain intervals, your car requires deeper inspection and maintenance services.

At AutoOne, our team of highly trained technicians utilize the best computer diagnostic tools for 50/100/150/200 Kilometre Services. Whether your car maintenance needs are straightforward or complex, our team of experts can manage them.

Motor Vehicle Certified Vehicle Inspection & Repairs

Our licensed inspection team can provide certified safety inspections for your vehicle in case you want to buy or sell a car or transfer ownership. We will also complete any necessary repairs before issuing the certificate.

Computer Diagnostics

Computer diagnostics are essential tools nowadays that allow our team of experts to diagnose an array of issues in modern cars quickly and accurately. After your vehicle diagnostics are complete, we can complete the required repairs and maintenance to have your vehicle running safely on the road.

Oil Changes

Your vehicle requires regular oil and filter changes. The interval between this maintenance depends on the make and model of your vehicle.

Changing your vehicle’s oil is critical because it will eventually thicken into sludge, damaging the inside of your engine. Ignoring oil changes may also negate your car’s warranty.

Tune Ups

A vehicle tune-up is an important type of preventive maintenance that ensures that your vehicle is running smoothly. It involves cleaning or repairing engine parts such as filters, fluids, belts, spark plugs, and more.

Canadian winter vehicle tune-ups also include battery, battery connections, and coolant upkeep.

Filter Replacements

Your car’s oil filter should be changed periodically, just like your engine oil. An old filter may not pass enough oil into your engine, resulting in costly damage and possibly a voided warranty.

Changing your air filter is also important to prevent dust, dirt, and other contaminants from polluting your vehicle’s engine.

Safety Inspections

Safety inspections are necessary for private motor vehicles before they change ownership or are being registered in Ontario after coming from another province.

Periodic safety inspections are also a requirement for fleet maintenance and maintenance of commercial vehicles.

Windshield Wiper Blades

Canadian drivers should regularly bring in their cars for windshield wiper blade checkups. Our team will ensure that they’re in working order and replace them if necessary.

In a country that experiences extreme weather, windshield wipers are an essential tool for your car on the road.

Fluid Services

Every vehicle has various fluids such as brake fluids and wiper fluids that are critical to its functionality and safety.

When you bring your car in for auto maintenance service, our team will top up your fluids. They will also inform you if any repairs are required due to leaking fluids.

Trip Inspections

You can come to AutoOne Service for inspections before or after a long trip for your peace of mind.

A good trip inspection will help ensure that your car is road worthy, mitigating the risk of problems during a journey.

Maintenance Inspections

The car maintenance inspections at AutoOne Service determine whether your vehicle is in good working condition or requires repairs.

Our experts visually inspect the underside of your car for symptoms of a deeper problem, such as cracks and leaks on the engine, belts, hoses, and pulleys.

Check Engine Light Diagnostics & Repair

Nothing makes a driver more anxious than a check engine light. If your car’s dashboard indicates a problem, bring it to AutoOne Service.

Our experts will utilize our high-tech diagnostics tools to find and repair the problem easily.

Brake Repair & Antilock Braking System (ABS) Repair

If your car is taking longer to come to a stop, making unusual sounds while braking, or your brake pedal vibrates when you try to slow down at higher speeds, you may need our brake repair services.

Our mechanics will expertly repair your braking system so that you and your passengers can ride safely.

Shocks & Struts Repair

Not only do your vehicle’s shocks and struts stabilize your car’s movements when cornering, braking, or accelerating, but they also enhance ride comfort, especially on uneven roads. Whether your shocks and struts require repair or replacement, you can count on us for excellent auto maintenance service.

Chassis & Suspension Repair

The chassis and suspension are some of the most important components of a vehicle. The chassis is your vehicle’s skeleton, holding the body and other parts. The suspension absorbs shock from the road to prevent other parts from getting damaged.

Keep both in good condition with our repair services to enhance the lifespan of your car.

Suspension & Steering Repair

It’s crucial to keep your suspension and steering in good condition for road safety, vehicle stability, and tire longevity.

We maintain and repair various components, such as the tie rod, ball joints, shocks, struts, steering fluid, and more, as part of our suspension and steering upkeep.

OMVIC Inspections

You can bring your car to AutoOne if you’re selling it to complete an OMVIC inspection. In locations like Toronto, OMVIC inspections are mandatory before a vehicle sale and help ensure the integrity of a transaction. Call our service station today to book an appointment.

Motor Vehicle Inspections

In Nova Scotia, any three-year-old passenger vehicle in the province requires a motor vehicle inspection every two years. At AutoOne, our friendly and experienced Halifax auto maintenance technicians make this process as seamless as possible by leveraging our state-of-the-art diagnostic tools. Call our service station in Halifax today to book an appointment for your motor vehicle inspection.

Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Maintenance Services

What is auto maintenance

Car maintenance is an essential service that keeps your ride in good working condition. It is also a requirement for your vehicle’s warranty.

Timely auto maintenance helps prevent breakdowns and other problems that may require complex repairs. For example, regular upkeep of your car’s engine through the periodic replacement of its oil and filter prevents it from overheating and seizing. An engine breakdown due to owner negligence will void the car’s warranty.

What are auto maintenance services

Auto maintenance services include the maintenance and upkeep of car components such as oils, fluids, filters, battery, brakes, tires, plugs, and belts. Keeping these parts in good working condition ensures that your car is in optimal shape.

Eventually, some of your car’s parts may require repair or replacement. But by following a regular maintenance schedule, you can increase the lifespan of your car and reduce the cost of vehicle ownership in the long term.

When may I need auto maintenance services?

Check your owner’s manual to find when your car needs regular maintenance. You can reduce the likelihood of costly repairs by following your vehicle maintenance program.

Additionally, you should bring your car to AutoOne Service for diagnostic and maintenance services if you notice anything unusual or if your ride is not driving optimally. For example, a reduction in horsepower or gas consumption could be due to a dirty engine air filter that needs maintenance services.

Why choose AutoOne Service’s auto maintenance services in Toronto

Here are a few reasons to choose AutoOne Service’s auto maintenance services in Toronto:

  • We have some of the best auto mechanics in the city.
  • Our team is experienced with all types of vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, and hybrids, foreign and domestic, regular and luxury.
  • We utilize state-of-the-art tools to maintain your car.
  • AutoOne Service prides itself in providing dealership-quality auto maintenance services without the dealership prices.

As Torontonians, we have a unique understanding of the city’s climate, roads, and laws as pertains to vehicular maintenance.

What are the costs of auto maintenance services?

The costs of auto maintenance services will often depend on the make and model of your vehicle and the type of service. Factory scheduled oil and filter changes may cost less than an in-depth 100K car inspection, for instance.

We offer outstanding vehicle maintenance services at competitive prices so you don’t need to pay dealership prices.

Can I get auto maintenance near me?

AutoOne Services is proud to offer leading auto maintenance services in Toronto and Halifax. Schedule an appointment online today at one of our service stations.