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Professional Tire Store in Toronto & Halifax

At AutoOne Service, the team of experts at our Halifax and Toronto auto repair shops can help you select the right winter or summer tires for your car that match your vehicle, driving habits, and budget.

Your vehicle’s tires are essential components that help you negotiate the road. They impact ride comfort, road noise, handling, and safety — especially in a country with extreme weather conditions like Canada. But with a dizzying array of brands to choose from, picking the right tire can feel overwhelming.

We offer many vital tire services that ensure your road safety and optimize the longevity of your investment. Learn more about our professional tire services today.

Dealership-Quality Tire Services in Toronto & Halifax

Many car owners turn to dealerships for tire services because they don’t want to compromise on road safety or ride quality, even if the bill makes them frown. At AutoOne, we are proud to be a tire shop that can match any dealership’s quality without the dealership prices.

Whether you’re looking for excellent tire places in Halifax or the best Toronto tire shop, you can find excellent tire service at AutoOne. Our tire shop is run by automotive experts who care about your ride quality and road safety.

Our Tire Services

Car owners looking for the best tire places in Halifax or a top tire store in Toronto don’t need to look further than AutoOne Service. At AutoOne Service, you can find a comprehensive suite of tire services under one roof.

Whether you need a new winter or summer tire, swap tires, or any tire maintenance services, you can come to us for complete satisfaction. We are proud to offer a full spectrum of tire services for your safety and convenience.

Tire Sales

Drivers who visit our tire shop in Halifax or our tire shop in Toronto know that our friendly and knowledgeable sales team can make the tire shopping journey easier.

We help you find the brand, make, and model you’re looking for at competitive prices.

Tire Installations

Whether you’re buying new tires or changing them between seasons, you can trust our professionals to put them on your car’s rims.

The correct tire installation, also known as tire mounting, will help ensure that you have a smooth and safe ride. Professional tire mounting also reduces the chances of unnecessary wear and tear on your tires.

Tire Rotation

Tires can be a sizable investment, especially if you have one set for summer and another for winter.

Our tire rotation services can help enhance the life of your tires by ensuring even wear. Please note that some tire companies also require periodic tire rotation for warranty.

Tire Balancing

Tires can become unbalanced over time, resulting in bouncing, vibration, and uneven tire wear. Our tire balancing services improve the longevity of your tires and enhance your ride quality.

Balanced tires can also help diagnose other issues, such as problems with your suspension, alignment, or steering.

Tire Replacement

Most vehicles need new tires every three to five years, though this timeline can be affected by driving habits, mileage, and road conditions.

We have an excellent tire shop in Toronto with outstanding tire mechanics and access to good tires at different price points. Come in for tire change services today, whether you need summer or winter tires.

Wheel Alignment

Every year or so, wheel alignment services can protect your tires by ensuring they meet the road at a correct angle.

If your tires have uneven or excessive wear or if your steering wheel is at an angle when you drive straight, then you book an appointment at our tire shop for wheel alignment services.

If you put it off, you may need tire change services instead of a standard wheel alignment.

Tire Air Pressure Checks

Correct tire inflation ensures that your tires move securely and safely on the road.

When you come into our tire shop in Halifax or our tire shop in Toronto, one of our mechanics will check your tire pressure.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Repair & Service

Modern vehicles have a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) that monitors your tire pressure and lets you know if it’s perilously low. A functioning TPMS keeps you, your passengers, and other drivers around you safe.

Both our tire shop in Toronto and our tire shop in Halifax can repair and service your TPMS so it’s in operational condition.

Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Maintenance Services

What is a tire shop

Tire shops offer a wide range of tire services, such as summer tire change, winter tire change, tire repair, tire mounting, wheel balance, and wheel alignment. You can trust a tire shop with all your tire-related needs, and more.

What is a tire change

A tire is a ring-shaped component, usually made of rubber, that’s mounted on your wheel. A tire change is a process of unmounting a tire from a wheel and replacing it with a different tire. Tire changes typically take place at a tire shop. In emergencies, a tire change may occur on the side of the road.

When to change a tire

You should change your tires when the remaining tread depth is too shallow to drive safely on the road. Typically, a tire with a tread that’s exceeded 2/32nds of an inch is unsafe to use. You should also change your tire at a tire shop between seasons in Canada.

A tire shop offering tire change services can switch your summer tires to winter tires and vice versa as needed.

What is the difference between winter vs summer tires

Summer tires are ideal for warmer conditions because they feature a dedicated rubber compound that enhances handling and grip in dry and wet conditions in hotter temperatures. They perform optimally above 7°C.

On the other hand, winter tires are better in temperatures lower than 7°C. Winter tires feature a tire tread compound that makes them ideal for colder temperatures. You can visit our tire store in Toronto or Halifax for excellent tire change services.

When to change to winter tires

You can change your summer tires to winter tires at a tire shop when the temperature stays below 7°C. In some Canadian provinces like Quebec and British Columbia, winter tires are mandatory. Although winter tire shops are not required by law in Nova Scotia, many tire places in Halifax recommend that drivers use winter tires in cold weather.

While winter tires aren’t a legal requirement in Ontario, any Toronto tire shop will suggest you change to winter tires in October. Your Toronto tire shop will also tell you that some insurance companies offer discounts to drivers who sport winter tires in cold seasons.

What tire services does Auto One Service offer

AutoOne service is proud to be a one-stop shop for tire services. Visit our tire store in Toronto or Halifax for a tire change, tire inspection, tire sales, tire installation, tire rotation, tire balancing, tire replacement, wheel alignment, tire air pressure checks, Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) repair, TPMS service, and other tire services.

When may I need tire services?

You may need tire services between changing seasons. Our tire change services will have you driving with weather-appropriate tires in no time.

You may also need to see our tire shop in Toronto or our tire shop in Halifax if your tire tread is too low or your tires are bulging, shaking, or cracking.

Come to our service station immediately if your Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) light is on. Your tires may need air pressure checks and repair.

Why choose AutoOne Service’s tire services in Toronto

Torontonians know the importance of driving with good tires. Not only do top tires help drivers enjoy excellent handling on the backroads, but smooth acceleration and riding on the highways. Good tires also help drivers brake on time in teeming areas like downtown Toronto.

Good tires must be maintained, serviced, and repaired with equally good mechanics. You should choose Auto One Service’s tire services in Toronto because we have highly trained mechanics and the best tools in the trade. Unlike dealerships, we offer tire services at competitive prices but without compromising on the quality of tire service.

What are the costs of tire services?

The costs of tire services depend on the nature of the service and the type of tire. If you’re looking for a tire shop in Toronto with a fair tire change price, you can visit one of our service stations.

You can use our website to locate our service stations. Call us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

How much is a tire change?

The cost of a tire change will depend on your vehicle and the type of tire change service. The tire change cost will be lower if you simply need to swap wheels that already carry your tires. If you have two sets of tires but only one set of wheels, the tire change price will be higher.

Can I get a tire change near me?

You can get a tire change near you from AutoOne Service in Toronto or Halifax.