Launching AutoOne Service

Its a big day here at AutoONE!!  Why you ask well, we are pleased to announce our new Service web site, which includes all kinds of great advice on service issues, specials for various services we offer, and our new appointment booking portal.

You may ask yourself, where did all this come from, so let me explain.  It started in Toronto when we opened our service department, but we were too busy just servicing our incoming vehicles and our lease fleet of over 3,000 leases that we had to limit ourselves to that work.

But now within the last year, in Toronto, we joined forces with two other existing service companies, and brought all the expertise in house, so we can now great confidence offer service to more existing lease and all new customers.

Just last week one of our techs was working on replacing a timing chain on an Audi Rs7 – quite the job considering the chain is on the back of the engine so the transimmion had to be removed. You can rest assured that we have the equipment and expertise to do that and all the jobs on the cars we lease and sell.

But that’s not all, with our new showroom in Halifax just opening up, we are happy to announce that Major Discount Complete Auto Service, a long standing pillar of the Halifax  auto service sector, has partnered with AutoONE in Halifax to be our on-site service provider.

Major Discount is rebranding as AutoONE Service, and has moved into its new state of art facility – but rest assured Scott Andrews and his crew are still there to service their long standing clientele.

Welcome to the new AutoONE, bringing the auto world high tech solutions, such as automated credit approval, touchless delivery, but done with the care we all crave in this crazy world.

Stay tuned for new blogs going forward focused on various automotive services.