Custom Exhaust

In the old days, exhaust pipes barely lasted a few years, and certainly weren’t covered under warranty. Muffler shops were a dime a dozen and repairs were simple.


Fortunately for consumers the automotive manufacturers got their acts together, and started using quality steel in their systems and of course the requirement for environmental controls added lots of complexity to a simple old muffler.

In today’s world, exhaust systems are an integral part of your car’s performance.  They are made from exotic materials and tuned to provide the perfect sound.

So out with the old and in with the new, Halifax’s new AutoONE service operation has its roots in the exhaust business and has all the modern equipment and knowledge to either replace, modify or improve from stock your exhaust system.

I, for one have taken advantage of the exhaust aftermarket world, and when my new Porsche 911 turbo came with a less than inspiring roar for a 580 hp beast, I engaged AutoONE for their expertise.  They installed a full stainless steel cat back system with remote activated bypass valves, which when activated not only increase power but give the car – at least to me, a beautiful growl and back pressure bubble.

So if you need your back pressure checked – just ask Scott, he’ll be happy to poke around back there 😉